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Emerald Laser

At The Menopause Clinic we are dedicated to providing support and advice for women who are experiencing menopause symptoms, no matter which stage they are at.

The natural decline of the hormone oestrogen, as a woman gets older, can trigger a range of responses in the body with an end to menstruation being the most well-known. The age at which this ‘change’ can happen varies from woman to woman, and symptoms can include: hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, headaches, low sex drive, mood swings, anxiety, joint pain and reduced muscle mass.

Some women also experience excess fat around the stomach and hips during the menopause, which may be caused by the change in hormones. Other factors which may contribute to the development of visible pockets of fat during this time can be associated with stiffness, joint pain, fatigue and lack of sleep influencing a change in energy and subsequent activity levels.

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We are always welcoming to both our new and existing patients at The Menopause Clinic. When you visit us with a menopause-related concern, you will find a warm and friendly practitioner is ready to listen and discuss your concerns. We give help and guidance with all associated symptoms, recommending the most suitable solution according to your own experience. The Emerald Laser has been specifically designed to help people make positive lifestyle choices, reducing stubborn fat to improve the shape of the body or as an aid to losing weight. This treatment is FDA approved and can be suitable for women during the menopause, and not just for fat reduction. Emerald Laser can also help to detoxify the body and improve its functioning through cellular regeneration, which can also benefit ‘releasing the hormone content back to the balance’. Part of the consultation process involves taking a 3D image using the Skyku 3D body scanner. This innovative piece of equipment complements the Emerald Laser treatment plan as we can accurately assess your body shape, muscle mass, volume of body fat and skeletal imbalances. Whatever concerns are to be addressed using the Emerald Laser, the Skyku 3D body scanner can help to accurately track your progress so we can put together a treatment plan that is more targeted and precise.

Individual Treatment Programme

Each woman who comes to The Menopause Clinic visits us with a different objective; finding a way to manage their symptoms so they can get on with living their life, comfortably. As a specialist clinic and as compassionate professionals, we always consider the concerns of the patient and tailor the treatment solution accordingly. When increased body fat, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and reduced muscle mass are impacting daily life, we may suggest undergoing the Emerald Laser. This treatment uses Low-level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) whereby 10 laser diodes work simultaneously to address the chosen area. You are required to lay under the device which emits a series of green lasers that dance around the surface of the skin. This enables fat to be released from the targeted cells, making it easier for the body to naturally dispose of it. The lymphatic system plays a big part in removing unwanted fat from the body, and through regular, gentle exercise and drinking more water, circulation is increased. Emerald Laser is carried out in 30 minute sessions, with 15 minutes treating the front of the affected area, and the remaining 15 minutes treating the back / underside. Alongside the Emerald Laser treatment we may advise the use of the Body Balancer - a state-of-the-art piece of technology that provides the body with an intense lymphatic massage. The suit covers the legs and torso, and inflates around the body as applying controlled pressure helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. This can help to flush out toxins from the body much more efficiently, as well helping to boost the immune system, relieve tension and stress and promote a healthy gut.

Further Advice

Patients commonly request the Emerald Laser with the intention of addressing stubborn fat around the stomach, hips and thighs. However, this treatment can also focus on the arms, chest, ankles and neck. As the movement of the lymphatic system becomes enhanced, it can help with transporting oxygen and nutrients around the body. Not only does this help to nourish the body, it flushes out both unwanted fat and other impurities to help with detoxification. LLLT is also effective in regenerating new cells which benefits those who are affected by aches, pain and stiff joints. Many patients who undergo Emerald Laser also report sleeping better at night and feeling less tired during the day. This treatment stimulates the body for enhanced energy levels meaning your body responds better at times of rest. All these benefits have been experienced by patients who have got on board with the process and have made a few simple changes to their everyday routine. Ensuring the body moves regularly, eating a healthy balanced diet and increased water intake (2 litres a day) will make certain the lymphatic system gets a boost.

Watch The Emerald Laser In Action

Erchonia’s Emerald™ laser is scientifically proven to be the most effective, painless, and healthiest treatment for fat loss, cellulite removal, and body contouring. Emerald™ is the only fat loss device on the market that is approved for treatment on 30+ BMI. Applied externally, the laser targets excess fat by emulsifying fatty tissue through the use of non-thermal laser technology.


How soon will I see results?

When the Emerald Laser is used for fat reduction, results can be seen from the very first session. Cellular regeneration is stimulated rapidly, although the results will develop over time and will progress with each treatment session. Most patients report feeling much more comfortable when the treatment course is complete.

How much does the Emerald Laser cost?

The Menopause Clinic is one of the few clinics in the UK to be offering the Emerald Laser, which is proving to be very popular. The cost of the Emerald Fat Loss Laser treatment is £175 per treatment for body areas and £90 per treatment for the chin area. We recommend a course of six to ten treatments and you can pay as you go along.


Is Emerald Laser for me?

Our practitioners are highly trained medical professionals who expertly recommend the right treatment, based on your individual concerns. Before any procedure is suggested we will always ask that you attend a comprehensive consultation to determine your suitability. For women who are affected by menopause symptoms, including: fatigue, joint pain and / or stiffness, weight gain and difficulty sleeping, Emerald Laser can be of help to you.

Can Emerald Laser be used with other treatments?

Emerald Laser is a treatment that uses Low-level Laser Light Technology, so it may be compatible for use with other treatments. Your practitioner will advise which procedures will best suit your concerns.

Which parts of the body can the Emerald Laser treat?

As the Emerald Laser can help with a number of menopause-related concerns, it can be used on a range of areas on the body. The device can be adjusted to suit the size of the affected area, which may include: stomach, back, thighs, hips, chest, arms, knees, ankles or neck.