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About The Menopause Clinic

The Menopause Clinic is CQC registered and based in Heywood, Manchester. It is situated within the Face Medical Clinic, and is run by BHRT specialist, Deborah Vines.


About Deborah Vines

As well as running The Menopause Clinic, Deborah Vines is also the Owner and Founder of the Face Medical Clinic, and has specialised in both Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Aesthetics for over 15 years.

Deborah was one of the first Independent Aesthetic Nurses to complete the V300 – the Independent Nurse Prescriber course at Salford University – and The Menopause Clinic is now one of the first clinics in the North West to offer Bioidentical Hormones.

Deborah practices a unique approach to optimise health and wellbeing. This approach combines education, personalised treatment plans, and the highest standards of care to replenish and balance both hormones and overall health – achieving optimal empowerment, restoring energy and happiness, and providing life-changing results for her patients.

The Menopause Clinic Treatment Journey

Deborah has created and refined a comprehensive but simple treatment schedule for patients at The Menopause Clinic.

Your patient journey starts with an in-depth consultation to cover your medical history, lifestyle factors, nutrition and health risks before your blood tests and analysis. A telephone appointment is then scheduled to go through your blood test results, and to discuss whether medication is advised or required. If treatment is needed, Deborah can then write your personalised prescription and instruct you how to order your medication from the Specialist Pharmacy. There are then reviews with Deborah at two-months, six-months, and ongoing if required.

Why choose The Menopause Clinic?

We pride ourselves in providing the highest levels of patient care and trust for our patients. Deborah and the clinic team are so dedicated and passionate when it comes to hormones and health, and we feel that our unique and holistic approach to treating with BHRT is unrivalled and second-to-none.

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