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Menopause Specialist Lancashire

There is no need to suffer menopause or perimenopause in silence, there is a leading menopause specialist in Lancashire that can provide a fully tailored solution to minimize the symptoms.

The Menopause Clinic, located in Bury and so easily accessible from every part of Lancashire, is rated five stars. The Clinic is overseen by Deborah Vines, a true expert in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

We are proud to be one of the leading clinics to help women with menopause not just in Lancashire, but nationally. We work to the highest standards of care and provide hormones that are a perfect match for any woman’s needs, regardless of her stage of menopause. 

Everyone is an individual, and menopause, while having commonalities, is different for each and every patient.

First and foremost, we are empathetic and understanding, our sole focus is on helping women navigate menopause and for it to have as little negative impact as possible.

Our solution is in the form of a fully tailored bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, this is an upgrade on the standard HRT you may well have heard of.

HRT has an impact but not one that is as profound as might be thought. BHRT are the natural versions, rather than the synthetic substitutes, they are accepted far more readily by the body, 

In simple terms, it might be seen as the difference between a healthy, perfectly balanced diet and a diet augmented by tablets. You can’t beat nature.

The bespoke hormones we provide for each patient are overseen by Deborah,, a trained expert in these treatments.

Even though we are local to you in Lancashire, we appreciate that there may still be a short distance to travel. However, it is actually only necessary to visit us once per year for a consultation. Other communications are over the phone.

The process is simple yet the results profound

Suitability for Menopause Hormone Treatments in Lancashire

Most women who are living through menopause or perimenopause will be suitable for our BHRT treatments.

There is no need to wait for things to get worse, equally if you have been undergoing menopause for some time this does not mean you have to continue to simply accept the negative side effects. 

Suitability is always assessed at a consultation, and through the taking of a quick blood sample.

What the treatments then do is mitigate the natural changes that occur during menopause, a time when hormone depletion can lead to stress, loss of libido, headaches and many more symptoms. They leave you feeling yourself once more.


The Hormones We Provide in BHRT Treatment

The hormones we prescribe are based on ‘Diosgenin’ a natural substance made from natural plant oestrogen.

These BHRT treatments help counter the reduction in oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. By the age of 40, Oestrogen levels can be almost entirely depleted, while progesterone can also be very low and testosterone at around half its level of earlier life.

The hormones, which are delivered to your Lancashire home or pharmacist as creams, lozenges and capsules, are carefully balanced to your specific needs.

After all, everyone who sees us is an individual – everyone experiences their own menopause.

Our Four-Step BHRT Treatment Process

The four stages to follow for your personalised Biochemical Hormone Replacement Therapy package are:

  1. Contact the Menopause Clinic to arrange a consultation with BHRT treatment specialist Deborah Vines.
  2. A consultation of around 45-minutes will be held, this will also look into your medical history. At this consultation, a blood sample will be taken and sent away for analysis to assess your current hormone levels. We are, of course, a short drive at most away from any area of Lancashire.
  3. Test results are returned – often inside two days – and we would then call you to discuss the results and also outline our suggested treatment plan and prescription.
  4. The prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy, who will post you the medication or you can walk of course. Next day delivery is possible.

Six weeks later, we would phone you to discuss how you are feeling – in some rare cases we would then tweak the prescription a little to maximise beneficial impact.

A second prescription is then sent to your local pharmacy, this covering the next four-month period.

At the six-month stage, a phone consultation is held, this is another chance to discuss how you are feeling and for us to assess the positive impact of the BHRT treatment.

Two more repeat prescriptions are then possible, these would last up to six months and so the whole process covers a year’s worth of treatment.

At this stage, the whole process would repeat as a face-to-face prescription must be held at least once a year.

Next Step

If you are interested in further information about BHRT therapy, or would like to book in a consultation with specialist Deborah Vines, please contact us as Menopause Clinic – one of the few north west clinics to offer this important form of treatment.

Please call us today on 01706 691 683 or via email to book an initial consultation.