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HRT Clinic Rochdale

For those seeking an HRT Clinic in Rochdale, there is one option that stands apart – the five-star-rated Menopause Clinic.

Our clinic is rated as good in every single category in the Care Quality Commission Report. Those seeking HRT therapy love us too – as shown by the superb, independent reviews.

We are a clinic that specialises. While hormone replacement therapy can be used for a range of conditions, our specialism is the menopause and earlier perimenopause stage. We help women in Rochdale and the north west who are experiencing symptoms, we minimise any negative impact for the menopause.

HRT Clinic Rochdale - hormones

This is done through the enhanced version of HRT – BHRT. BHRT is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, these are hormones that are made as exact matches of the hormones that the body is depleted on, rather than being synthetic approximations. This ensures the body both accepts them more readily and also greater benefit is delivered.

You might compare it to the best, most-balanced diet vs supplements. Supplements have their place, but they are not a match for eating the best diet in the first place, one full of all the nutrients we need.

The blend of hormones is perfectly adapted to you, this is achieved through consultation and the taking of a blood sample to assess where the depletions lie. No two people are the same or have the exact same requirement for hormone replacement.

All this is overseen by Deborah Vines, a true expert in this area. You will see Deborah once per year – all that is required is an annual trip to our clinic in Heywood, an easy journey by road or public transport from Rochdale. All follow-ups can be held over the phone, Zoom call or similar.


Our Four-Step BHRT Treatment Process

The four stages to your personalised Biochemical Hormone Replacement Therapy package are:

  1. Contact the Menopause Clinic to arrange a consultation with t Deborah Vines, the BHRT treatment specialist
  2. A 45-minute (typically) consultation will be held, this will also look into your medical history. At this consultation, a blood sample will be taken and sent away for analysis to assess your current hormone levels.
  3. Test results are returned – often within two days – and we would then call you to discuss the results and also outline our suggested treatment plan and prescription.
  4. The prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy, who will post you the medication. Next-day delivery is possible.

Six weeks later, we would phone you to discuss how you are feeling – in some rare cases we would then tweak the prescription a little to maximise beneficial impact.

A second prescription is then sent to the pharmacy, this covering the next four-month period.

After six months, a phone consultation is held with Deborah, this is an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling and for us to assess the positive impact of the BHRT treatment.

Two more repeat prescriptions are then possible, these would last up to six months and so the whole process covers a year’s worth of treatment.

At this stage, the whole process would repeat as a face-to-face prescription must be held at least once a year.

Suitability for HRT in Rochdale

Many people are suitable for HRT and BHRT but we specialise in those who are experiencing menopause or perimenopause.

Anyone who is in menopause, perimenopause or even believes they are experiencing the very first signs is likely to be someone who can benefit greatly from these replacement hormones.

All too often, women suffer in silence, waiting until it is ‘really bad’, waiting for things to get worse. However, there is a huge benefit in tackling the depletion as soon as it begins – energy levels will be restored, and libido returned. The side effects of menopause can be greatly reduced.

However, for those who are into menopause, there is just as much reason to seek help now. Just because you have suffered does not mean you must go on suffering. Help is at hand, you could have hormones matched to your needs and your well-being immediately restored.

The Hormones We Provide in BHRT Treatment

Our hormones are based on a substance known as ‘Diosgenin’ and made from natural plant oestrogen.

We help to rectify any reduction in oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Oestrogen levels can be almost entirely depleted by the age of 40, while progesterone can also be very low and testosterone at around half its level of earlier life.

Delivered as creams, lozenges and capsules, our hormones are carefully balanced for your specific needs.

After all, everyone who sees us is an individual – you cannot group clients together based on age or other criteria as everyone experiences their own menopause.

This is why the move to make over-the-counter treatments, without any analysis is perhaps a worry – these will not be tailored to anyone as an individual, and so the hormone blend might not have the positive impact hoped for.

Next Step

If you are interested in further information about BHRT therapy, or would like to book in a consultation with specialist Deborah Vines, please contact us at Menopause Clinic – one of the few north west clinics to offer this important form of treatment.

Please call us today on 01706 691 683 or via email to book in an initial consultation.