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Face to Face or Telephone Consultations for Bio-Identical HRT at The Menopause Clinic

The Menopause Clinic provides a holistic approach to treating symptoms of the menopause and hormone imbalances. Run by Deborah Vines, who has specialised in BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), the clinic is recognised for its individual and unique approach to optimise health and wellbeing; through education, personalised menopause treatment plans and the highest levels of patient care.

The Menopause Clinic is run within Face Medical Clinic in Heywood, Manchester, and is CQC registered.



4-Step Process to Your First BHRT Prescription

Follow these simple and fast steps to your BHRT prescription.

From consultation to you receiving your BHRT medication can take as little as five working days.


  1. Contact The Menopause Clinic today by phone or email and arrange a consultation with Deborah Vines, who is the Bio-identical Hormone Specialist.


  1. Your consultation will be 45 minutes to an hour which can be face to face at the clinic or by telephone call where you will be assessed as well as a blood sample taken to measure your hormone levels. A at home blood kit can be sent to you with easy to follow instructions how to use it if you are having a remote consultation and can not attend the clinic.


  1. The test results are normally back within 48 hrs and a telephone consultation will be scheduled to discuss your blood results, treatment plan and prescription you will need.


  1. Your pharmacy will contact you upon receipt of your prescription which we will send to them once we have spoken to you. Once the pharmacy have received payment for your medication they will directly post out the medication to your home address. You have the option to pay for next day delivery.

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Bio-Identical HRT Follow-up Treatment Process


You will be  be prescribed bio-identical HRT for 6 months after the first consultation

After receiving your first prescription, a telephone consultation will be arranged six weeks later for new patients to discuss how you are feeling on your medication. Deborah can possibly tweak your prescription if your symptoms haven’t subsided.

A second prescription will be sent to the pharmacy which includes one repeat which will normally last you another four months.

We will then arrange a six month telephone consultation with Deborah to discuss how you are feeling which will again allow her to possibly tweak your medication and she will also send a new prescription to the pharmacy with two repeats which will allow you to order up to 6 months more medication.

After 12 months the process repeats itself.

In order for Deborah to prescribe Bio-identical Hormones a face to face or telephone consultation has to be performed at least once a year which is regulation. It is also good practice to  perform a blood test to determine your hormone levels.

Menopause Treatment You Can Trust

Deborah has been involved with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in the UK for over eight years. She was initially a patient and went on to train at the Marion Gluck Training Academy and has an insight into how positively Bio Identical HRT can impact on a patient’s life.

Menopause experts Deborah Vine And Marion Gluck

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